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  Heartland German Shepherd Rescue
Where do HUGS dogs come from?

HUGS dogs come from many different places: High-kill shelters, strays from the Reservation, owner surrenders, and other dire situations. Since the time HUGS was founded, we have taken in many dogs in urgent need. We often take moms and their litters, sick dogs and puppies (mange, wounds, heartworm, intestinal parasites, Parvo, and other viruses), and other dogs that require costly medical treatment or expensive surgery. 

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German Shepherds are very family-oriented dogs who quickly become stressed out in the shelter environment. This leads them act out, often causing them to land on euthanasia lists at shelters. There are many purebred German Shepherds in trouble, in need of rescue. All-breed groups are not normally equipped to handle them, and they were initially our sole focus. However, if soon became apparent to us that there are many German Shepherd mixes and other herding breed dogs also in desperate need of our help, and we vowed to help save as many of them as we could too, as space allows.

    Chloe & Daphne

We absolutely adore our rescues, whether they are Purebred German Shepherds, mixed puppies, Heelers, or other herding breeds. And we think you will too! They are extremely special and seem to be grateful for their rescue. They adapt well to their new lives living as beloved family members. Unfortunately, many dogs and puppies come into rescue sick or requiring surgery, as the life of a stray is rough. The dogs we take in frequently have Mange, Parvo, Heartworm, serious infections, and untreated injuries. There's a significant cost involved in nursing them back to health before they are ready for adoption. HUGS has been able to rescue many dogs in need with the help of generous donors and fundraising events, along with adoption fees. With your help, we hope to be able to continue helping the sick, abandoned, needy, and the forgotten, and provide them with second chances!

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