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Marshall's Sponsorship Page

Marshall is a sweet, handsome boy who ended up as a stray in a very crowded kill shelter in Oklahoma.  Being Heartworm positive put poor Marshall at the top of the urgent list. Lucky for him, he is a lovely, gentle soul, and the shelter volunteers fought very hard to buy him a little extra time. When they asked us to help, we couldn't say no...! Marshall has now finished his Heartworm treatment. He is fully recovered, and is ready for a forever home of his own!

Marshall is approximately 4 years old. He loves hanging out on the deck or couch with his humans, watching out the window for squirrels and rabbits. He tolerates his very playful foster sibling (a young pup) but he would prefer a more laid-back, calm dog his size as a buddy (after slow introductions) or would be great as an only dog. Marshall can be a little shy with new people and situations, but is very sweet and he warms up quickly.

Marshall loves to go on walks and being outdoors with his humans. He knows sit, stay and shake, and loves to learn new things! He enjoys chew toys, pigs ears, and toys that squeak. He can be a little reactive (barky) around new dogs (especially when they bark at him). But he's been working on this and now walks pretty well on a leash (he loves his walks!) and will continue to improve with practice. He's a pretty relaxed, cuddly, and laid-back companion in the house.  Marshall is crate-trained and potty-trained and has been learning to ring the bells on the door when he needs to go out. Marshall does well on car rides and is thrilled when he gets a treat at the drive through! He is very food-motivated. He is a truly fantastic dog and a lovely companion.

Like all German Shepherds, this sweet boy would make a great addition to an active home that will provide the love, structure, good leadership, activity and mental stimulation that he needs. Because of that, Marshall's ideal owner will have prior GSD, or similar breed experience. Even if you exercise and play with your dog daily in your fenced yard, please remember that you MUST still take your dog out on daily walks and outings, in order to provide sufficient stimulation, ward off boredom, and work on leash skills, and manners.

Marshall's adoption fee is $350, all of which goes back into offsetting our high-cost vetting expenses and rescuing more dogs. Adoption fees include spay/neuter, current on age-appropriate vaccinations, fecal, deworming, flea/tick and heartworm preventative, heartworm tested if old enough (treated if positive), and microchipped. Learn more about the adoption process and requirements, and apply at: http://heartlandgsrescue.rescuegroups.org/info/adoption.

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Why are Sponsorships & Donations so important?

HUGS provides dog food, supplies, necessary vet care (emergency, acute, routine), heartworm and flea/tick preventative to the HUGS foster dogs while they look for their forever homes. This can be quite costly and challenging in many ways. Additionally, some of the dogs that we rescue arrive sick or injured and require hospitalization, expensive surgery or long-term medications or other treatment. This places a huge strain on our vet fund, and can affect our ability to help future dogs. 

Sadly, without sufficient funding to transport, vet/treat, feed the dogs that we take in, we could not continue saving them. As a volunteer group that runs solely on donations and adoptions fees, we truly need your support. 

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