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-Our events offer you the opportunity to talk to the volunteers, learn more about our group, and find out more about fostering, adopting, and other ways you can help us save more dogs!

-Occasionally, we may have some dogs in attendance. Please keep in mind that events can be extremely overwhelming and stressful for the dogs, and are not generally a good indicator of a dog's true personality. If you attend an event where foster dogs are present, give the dogs plenty of space, look to the handlers for guidance before approaching a dog, and always ask the handlers for permission before petting any dogs. If you are attending with a child or children, please hold their hand(s) and do not allow them to approach or pet the dogs on their own. 

-Please do not bring your dogs to meet foster dogs at events. Many dogs need slow introductions (over hours, days, or even weeks, sometimes) when meeting new dogs, and will not react well to new dogs in their personal space. Additionally, introductions should always be done in a controlled environment (i.e., not at a busy public place) and events are not generally conducive to positive introductions. Finally, as mentioned above, events are particularly stressful and overwhelming to the dogs without adding the additional stress of an introduction to a new dog or dogs.

-Thank you for your cooperation and understanding! Smile

-HUGS alumni are always welcome to stop by our events, and we love to have them visit us and say hello as much as possible! If you and your HUGS alumnus do come visit (and we hope you will!) just be sure that you give other dogs plenty of space while visiting. We hope to see you again soon!

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