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Rooster's Sponsorship Page

Rooster is an approximately 12.5 year old male Rat Terrier mix, who was rescued by one of our volunteers. He is a sweet senior that was Heartworm positive when he arrived but he has been treated and he is doing great! Rooster is a wonderfully sweet senior looking for a retirement home.

Little Rooster is a quiet and sweet older gentleman. He loves to spend time cuddling in bed or on a couch. Sunny days are his favorite! If the sun is shining, Rooster loves just laying in the sun, he'd do it all day if he could. He gets along well with other dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens. If a person isn't around to snuggle with he will look for the closest sleeping dog to snuggle up to. If Rooster needs to go potty, he usually paces around for a minute which is his way of asking to go outside. However, if he isn't let out he will go inside. A belly band works great for Rooster though. Rooster loves his food. Although he has no teeth, he has no trouble eating kibble with some canned food. Rooster would probably do best in a home with older kids. He doesn't mind little kids, but he appreciates a calm environment. Rooster can be intimidated by large men, but he warms up quickly to them if they are calm and gentle with him. Rooster enjoys enjoys car rides and walks, and has the best manners. If you are active, he will gladly go on outings and he even enjoys going camping! If you are a homebody, Rooster will be happy just hanging out in the house with you. He is the sweetest, most easy-going little guy. 

Rooster's adoption fee is $125, all of which goes back into offseting our high-cost vetting expenses and rescuing more dogs. We are a 100% volunteer-run rescue group and rely on adoption fees and donations to continue saving lives. Adoption fees include spay/neuter, current on age- appropriate vaccinations, fecal, deworming, flea/tick and heartworm preventative, heartworm tested if old enough (and treated if positive), and microchipped. Please visit http://heartlandgsrescue.rescuegroups.org/info/adoption for more information about our adoption process and requirements, and to apply. Even if you exercise and play with your dog daily in your fenced yard, please remember that you MUST still take your dog out on daily walks and outings, in order to provide sufficient stimulation, ward off boredom, and work on leash skills and manners.

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Why are Sponsorships & Donations so important?

HUGS provides dog food, supplies, necessary vet care (emergency, acute, routine), heartworm and flea/tick preventative to the HUGS foster dogs while they look for their forever homes. This can be quite costly and challenging in many ways. Additionally, some of the dogs that we rescue arrive sick or injured and require hospitalization, expensive surgery or long-term medications or other treatment. This places a huge strain on our vet fund, and can affect our ability to help future dogs. 

Sadly, without sufficient funding to transport, vet/treat, feed the dogs that we take in, we could not continue saving them. As a volunteer group that runs solely on donations and adoptions fees, we truly need your support. 

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