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Have you adopted one of our Miracle dogs and are wondering what that means? Well, Miracle Dogs are extra special, as they were rescued in partnership with the amazing Miracle Dog Network. What this also means, is that your dog comes not just with one, but with two enthusiastic fan clubs (HUGS, and Miracle) who are extra appreciative of any updates that you send us! We'd love it if you would join both the HUGS Alumni Group on FB, and the Miracle GSD Network Group (please see links below).

Miracle GSD Network-Original

The origin of Miracle GSD Network

In the summer and early fall of 2012, a few people got together to see what they could do to help all the German Shepherds they were seeing that were dying in Southern California shelters.  After talking for several weeks, they decided their best route would be to work with reputable rescues to move the dogs to places they could be adopted – where GSDs weren’t as common.  Their idea was to navigate the complicated California shelter system FOR the rescue.  Partner with the shelters, temp test the dogs, arrange with a rescue partner for the “pull”, arrange vet, board, and transport to the rescue – AND to raise the funds to do it. They felt that rescues already HAVE too much work to do and they wanted to do this – to deliver the dog to the rescue – without the rescues having to figure all this out – taking away from the important job of taking care of the dogs, and getting them adopted. After months of planning, Miracle GSD Network was formed, and “pulled” their first dogs in October 2012 from the Coachella Valley Shelter in CA for Southwest Michigan German Shepherd Rescue. 

Miracle GSD Network TODAY

Miracle GSD Network is an “informal” organization dedicated to helping rescues navigate the difficult shelter system by coordinating “pulls” of dogs in need. Miracle GSD Network only works with a select few rescues that they have thoroughly checked out, and have processes in place that employ good and transparent rescue practices. Since 2012 they have built a partnership with rescues and shelters, and with many people on the “ground” assisting with temp tests, fostering, and transporting. They have earned the trust of a large number of people involved in all the aspects of rescue.  This small group is spread out all over the country – Arkansas, California, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, Oregon, Maine, Massachusetts and North Carolina. They have expanded their operations to help dogs in other states as well, such as Arizona, along with states in the Deep South, and the Midwest. To date, Miracle GSD Network has helped save over 800 dogs.

Miracle and HUGS

Heartland German Shepherd Rescue is very PROUD to have been partnering up with Miracle GSD Network since 2015. Please ask to join the Miracle GSD Network FB Group, especially if you have adopted a Miracle Dog :). It is a HAPPY PLACE - where Miracle posts updates of all our “Miracle Dogs” and where you can share updates of your Miracle dog.

Miracle GSD Network FB:

And of course, we would also love updates of our Alumni, Miracle Dogs or not, in the HUGS Alumni group!

HUGS Alumni FB Group:

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